Tattoo In Sabah

One of the things you can do is to get a tattoo on your visit to Sabah. It is a good way to commemorate your visit to the Land Below the Wind.

Originally, the tribes of Borneo, tattoos were commonly found on Murut and Dusun people. The Ibans in Sarawak were also heavily tattooed. It is difficult to find information on Borneo tattoos of the Murut and Dusun. It has become a side project of mine to look more deeply in to this.

Modern Tattoos In Sabah
The television series, Miami Ink and LA Ink is very popular here. While the older generation of the Chinese do not like tattoos, it is a different matter for the young generation. Personally, I like tattoo art, although I have a tough time convincing many of my friends that it is art to be appreciated. Traditionally, only gangsters and prisoners are tattooed, and the negative implications has not faded in time.

Tattoo by Neil Lazola

Tattoo by Neil Lazola

For the rest of us, tattoos are now mainstream. Even school teachers have tattoos in discreet places. Tribal and traditional tattoos are not as popular as modern tattoos. I cannot say why this is so, perhaps it is taboo. Perhaps it is too old-school.

One tattoo artist who I know is Neil Lazola, operating out of Black Ink Industry in Tanjung Aru. If you like tattoos, drop and check out our Sabah tattoo artists at work.

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    more tatoo please…

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    Emily, for more tattoo, you can visit Tattoo Designs. This is one of our publications.

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