Sumazau Dance Of Borneo

Sumazau is one of the best known traditional dances in Sabah, and throughout Malaysia. Many tourists to the country has already experienced it. If you have had dinner at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant in Luyang, you are always welcomed on the stage to join in this dance.

The Sumazau belongs to the Kadazandusun people, an indigenous tribe of North Borneo. This ritual dance is performed at many functions and gatherings, such as thanksgiving for bountiful harvest, during weddings and other happy occasions. It is also used in traditional ceremonies, honoring the spirits and to cure illness.

The movement and rhythm of this dance is elegantly soft and slow. The dancers, male and female, will face each other, move their feet in small movements, while the heels go up and down to the beat of the music. While dancing the dancers will extend their arms gracefully like a bird spreading their wings to fly. I have always found the music to be slightly hypnotic, and just calls you into the dance. I think of the Sumazau as the Dance of Life.

The Harvest Festival is celebrated on 30th and 31st May every year. Visitors and locals throughout Kota Kinabalu and Sabah will be treated to month long demonstrations of traditional Kadazandusun culture. The Kadazandusun people live as a community, and readily welcomes you to celebrate life with them. Kinda makes you feel like one of the tribe.

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