Some Funny Stuff Happening In Sabah

Funny Stuff In Sabah

Everywhere you go, people are generally the same. Sure, the culture and language is different, but when you look closer you will see that….a joke is still a joke.

Perhaps after you see the photos I have found on the internet, you will see the same idiosyncrasy people share.

Some of the funniest people I know are dive-masters. They are always good for a story. In fact, most of those who have dived here can attest to this. But the ones that really take the crown are the guys doing deep-diving in oil rigs. Now I know why they are so good at jokes.

After every job, they deep-sea divers spend up to 28 days in a decompression chamber with nothing to do to spend their time. The only way to pass the time, and to keep sane is to come up with the most outrageous jokes.

Tour Guides Are Funny

To work as a tour guide, you have to be a people person and you have to know your subject. But left to their own devices, they are capable of having a go at the funniest things you will hear or see.

Keningau Airline Sabah
Keningau Airline in Sabah

Korea has an airline that painted Hello Kitty on their aircraft, in Sabah we went one better. We figured out the most cost effective way to transport people from rural towns to Keningau. For those who don’t know where Keningau is, it is a town in the interior of Sabah. By car, it is a journey of 2 1/2 hours, going up to the Crocker Range.

Funny Sabah Tour Guide
Funny Sabah Tour Guide - I know this guy

Yes, he is a real tour guide. In fact, he was a director in one of the tour agencies in Kota Kinabalu. I figured since he shared this on Facebook, he would not mind if I published this here.

If you want to visit China, he is my Go-To guy. He has help organized trips for Malay friends who wanted to visit China but was not sure about the culture and the food. Not to worry, he knows most of the Muslim hotels in popular destinations in China. Get in touch with him if you want to go on an Amazing shopping holiday.

Reporters Are Not Funny

You would think newspaper reporters can give these guys a run for their money. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Yes, this is my opinion and is not meant to demean anyone. Take a look at this photograph that went viral in Malaysia.

Dragon In The Sky Sabah
Dragon In The Sky, Sabah - This photo went viral on the internet.

This photo was shared on facebook in early June 2012. We had just gone through a hot spell and when the rains came, this is what they saw. This photograph was also published in the largest English newspaper in Sabah on page 2. I do not know if this is really news-worthy and the less they could have done was to verify the authenticity of the photo. I would have loved for it to be real but something like this is so unlikely.

Fake viral photo exposed
According to this person, he exposed the viral photo

Of course, a few days later, someone had to go on Facebook and posted this photo claiming to have exposed the viral one. I do not know if this is true but could the photo that went viral be faked? The answer is easily.

To Travel Or Not To Travel

This is one of the best reasons why you should travel around the world. Do it as often as you can, go as far as you can and travel for as long as you can.

The best reason why you should travel
The best reason there is to travel the world

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