Malaysia Mega Sales

The Malaysia Mega Sales is back. From 26th November to 3rd January 2010. Also referred to as the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. You will find most modern trade retailers (big box retailers like Giant, including G-Mart) are involved, as well as many specialty shops.

The Mega Sales is just perfect for Christmas Shopping, and the opening day was on the eve of Hari Raya Haji. Come to think of it, the opening day was on Thanks-Giving day. Thanks-Giving Day is not much celebrated in Sabah, although the notion is thanks-giving is widely practiced, known as Kenduri.

The Bargains In Sabah
The prices of fashion goods, packaged food and electronics goods are higher than in Peninsular Malaysia, This is due to the distance from the manufacturers and shipping costs. Still, compared to countries such as England or New Zealand, some types of goods are cheaper.

Notebooks or Laptops computers
These are generally cheaper than in New Zealand, but this is due to the fact that we like slightly outdated models! My aunt from New Zealand visited us last year, and she was looking for a laptop. Depending on the specifications, the savings are pretty substantial here.

Electronic Goods
Some electronic goods are cheaper than many countries, especially Malaysian brands (no kidding!) like Pensonic. Of course, there are plenty of other made in China brands that are inexpensive. But you get what you pay for. Buying electronic goods while on vacation isn’t that strange. Back in the days of VCR, we had hand-carry back our VCR player from Singapore.

I am pretty sure cellphones such as LG are cheaper than in many countries. In most countries, the telcos bundle up the cellphone into a package when you sign up. This is not very popular in Sabah, so the cellphones tend to be pretty affordable.

Cotton Goods
Cotton goods are a safe bet. Especially if you are flying in from the UK. Makes sense as Asia produces cotton. Only be sure that it is cotton, or cotton-blend. As for clothing and t-shirts, expect the sizes to be smaller than usual.

Handcrafts, although not exactly cheap, is one of my favorite items. Books on Malaysia and Sabah are pretty high-priced, but the subject is unique and so might be worth it. Handicrafts from Sabah should be made from wood, rattan or sea-shells, and ceramics. This can include products made from the bark of trees, straw woven into baskets or containers, colored beads, and certain types of crystals found in Sabah.

Made In Sabah

Made In Sabah

Local Fruits
Local fruits are plentiful, and makes for a great refreshment on a hot day. Some of the fruits are seasonal, such as mangoes, rambutans, mangosteens and the infamous Durian. Others are available through out the year, papaya, bananas, pineapples and plenty more.

Be advised, some of the fruits have strong aroma (jackfruit), some looks weird but tastes very sweet (rambutans). Others are just plain sour. Many have names that does not translate well into English, like Jambu or water apple.

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  1. Malaysia Mega Sales | « Percuma Untuk Anda Says:

    [...] from: Malaysia Mega Sales | Comments [...]

  2. Sapawi Says:

    Hi there. We Malaysians are really lucky to have such an event like this Mega Sales and for the upcoming Christmas, this Mega Sales will be more happening.

    Thanks to Malaysia’s economic condition where we can still enjoy shopping and got lots of bargains for all of us.

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