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Wednesday October 19th 2011

Reasons To Live In Sabah

Many people from fully developed countries have chosen to retire to Malaysia. In many cases, they have sold their homes and have completely moved to Malaysia. Many of the approved applicants in the make Malaysia My Second Home program are from Japan and UK, as well as countries like China and Bangladesh. A lot of the applicants have been expats in various parts of the world or have worked in Malaysia previously.

Some applicants merely take advantage of the investment opportunity to buy property in Malaysia, due to the comparatively low prices. People from UK and Japan are attracted by the low cost of living and the many golf courses in Malaysia.

Reasons To Move To Malaysia
#1 The widespread use of English is a major factor. This benefit extends to the ability to converse with Malaysians, and to watch satellite TV, entertainment and to read the local media.

#2 The cost of living in Malaysia is low comparative to the quality of life people enjoy here. In a 2007 survey, Kuala Lumpur was found to be the cheapest city to live in, out of over 70 major cities surveyed around the world. In Sabah, the cost of living is even lower. People on pensions from developed countries can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle here.

#3 Malaysia is one of the easiest countries in Asia for foreigners to buy property where it is possible to own freehold land. All contracts, sales and purchase agreements are executed in English, and they do not need to appoint a nominee to buy property.

#4 Malaysia, especially Sabah has huge tracts of untouched land and forests. It is easy to get out of the city to enjoy nature.

#5 The constant investment in infrastructure has continuously improve the lifestyle standard in Sabah. Excellent health care services, private hospitals and medical specialists, makes the country attractive to foreigners.

While the Malaysia My Second Home program benefits our foreign friends, it also has major benefits for Sabah. People coming to Sabah generates substantial amount of foreign exchange. Many buy or rent property which helps boost the local property market.

They say Malaysia is markedly different from many countries, where expats often create their own communities. Here they have many local friends and integrate with the lifestyle here. People who make Sabah their second home also promotes Sabah when they communicate with people outside the country. They also invite friends and relatives to Sabah.

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