Kadazandusuns Performs At Kaamatan

It is on days like this, where I wish I could just get away and spent the entire day documenting this years Kaamatan Festival. We were there for close to 2 hours, in the midday heat and we only see a fraction of the celebrations. Although my kids did not complain, I could see they were getting really tired. They thoroughly enjoyed the noise, the music, the performances, and the crowd. It was their first Pesta Kaamatan, and my Princess really likes the Sumazau, and the sounds of the gongs.

We were about to leave KDCA when we caught these group of kids performing on stage. I do not know which school they were from, but the performance was a joy to watch. The precision and timing of their moves, along with the choreography made this performance outstanding.

This reminds me of the world famous Thousand Hands Kuan Yin dance. Incidentally, I had VIP tickets to watch the Thousand Hands Dance from China when they were performing here during the CHinese New Year. Guess what happened. I did get to go, but when the performance started we had to get out of there. The music was just too loud for my Angel who was 9 months old at the time.

Hope you enjoyed these videos. Those of you who were there will have enjoyed the performance.

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