Dental Care On Your Vacation

There was only one occasion when I suffered a tooth infection, and the pain was so bad that it woke me up in the middle of the night. I don’t know what it is about tooth infections but normal painkillers does not seem to work. And boy, was I ever glad to see the sunrise that particular morning.

If you have any dental problems on your visit to Kota Kinabalu or Sabah, you don’t have to suffer your entire trip. The dentists in Kota Kinabalu are professionals and well-trained. I guess it is because they get so many patients every day, no thanks to the modern lifestyle and diet. Especially our diet of soft drinks and fast food. It doesn’t help that some soft drinks actually taste rather nice.

I would not hesitate to visit any dentist in Kota Kinabalu or the surrounding towns if I have a dental problem. I have in fact been to a few, and I have never came across an inept dentist before. So if the need ever arise, you are in good hands.

  1. All dentists speak English, so you will not have a problem there.
  2. Malaysian Doctors undergo years of training and are internationally recognized medical practitioners

In Sabah, I am very confident that health care in general and dental care in particular, costs a lot less than in most countries and provide the same professional standard.

dental care

Where To Find A Dentist
There are dental clinics located in most main streets in the city or town. These are normal dental practitioners and you will not need to make an appointment. Most of the time, anyway. You do not need to go a hospital, as it can get crowded in government hospitals and non-Malaysians will have to pay a lot more than Malaysians. All dentists that I have visited in Kota Kinabalu seem to have all the necessary dental equipment.

If you need special dental treatment, there are 3 specialists that I know of in the Luyang district. If it ever gets that bad, I am sure the hotel you are staying will be able to direct you to a dental specialists.

The Cost Of Dental Care
Of course, it depends on the case and the clinic, but for a normal filling, it will not cost more than RM100. Most dental clinics charge about 40 to 50% of that amount. Tooth extraction do not normally cost more than RM100.

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