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Wednesday May 25th 2011

Kinabalu Pine Resort Sabah

On my visit to Ranau, Sabah in March 2010, I stayed at the Kinabalu Pine Resort in Kundasang. The resort has won numerous awards for its service and landscaping, and has a 2 star rating. The resort is built on a hill in a relatively small area, with all cabins following the contours of the land. The construction of the resort consists of local hardwood.

Kinabalu Pine Resort is about a 15 minute drive from Kinabalu National Park. Situated in Kundasang, at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. It is another 15 minutes or about 15 kilometers from Ranau town.

Pine Resort Cabins
Pine Resort Cabins

My Stay At Kinabalu Pine Resort
My colleague and I checked into the resort at about 5.00pm, and was treated to a beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu. There is a patio near the reception which offers a good place to take photographs of the mountain. When we arrived, there were some tourists taking in the sight. The usual mix of Asian and Western visitors.

A View Of Mount Kinabalu
A View Of Mount Kinabalu

We drove downhill to our cabin, and met up with another two colleagues who were already there. They took the upstairs cabin, while we took the downstairs one. We sat outside in the porch, enjoying the view of Mount Kinabalu and watched as the sky darkened. It was cool and quiet in the resort, and when the lights came on, we were treated to another side of the resort.

We made our way to the restaurant, located just beside the reception room at 6.00pm for dinner. Upon checking in, we were given vouchers for dinner and breakfast. Dinner was two meat dishes and two vegetable with rice. Overall, dinner was alright, the ingredients were fresh, though the potions were on the small side. After that, it was back to Ranau and back to work.

We got back to the resort after midnight. Again, we sat outside having coffee, just chatting and enjoying the cool air. While we have been on the go since the early morning, I found the night air invigorating. Soon, we turned in as we needed to up at 6.00am the next day.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, hotdogs, baked beans and toast. Looking at the menu, the breakfast is priced at RM18.00 which was ridiculous. But I did enjoy the coffee.

The Cabins And Facilities
The cabin we were in were twin standard rooms, which we paid RM 160.00 per room. The cabins are clean, well maintained and were free from any odour. The lights worked, as did the kettle and water heated which was all that I needed. There is a little walk-in wardroom built into the room, so you can store your luggage and there is a large dressing mirror as well. The attached bathroom has hot/cold water taps and has a shower. Soap and towel is provided.

There is a television in the room, but the tv reception was terrible. I don’t suppose anyone would really care for tv. The cabins are not air-conditioned, it is cold enough at night as it is. A stand-fan is provided, which I presumed is for day use. Two 500ml bottles of drinking water, tea and coffee making facility is also provided.

The bed was firm enough, and the sheets were clean. I had one soft pillow and one hard pillow, and decided the soft one was more comfortable. All in all, I slept adequately, considering the guy with me was doing a fine impersonation of truck.

How To Get There
The fastest and most comfortable way is ask your hotel or tour agency to arrange for a driver and a car. This is also the most expensive option which will cost you a few hundred ringgit. Or you can take a taxi, which can cost anywhere from RM160 to RM300, depending on where you are and then you have to make arrangements to get back to the city. You could also take a bus which would cost about RM20 per person.

Travel on Jalan Tuaran (Tuaran road) for about 30km, you will come to a round-about and then turn right towards Tamparuli. There is a signboard at the round-about which says Ranau, that is where you want to go. Go straight past Tamparuli, and ascend. Keep going until you get to Kinabalu National Park, then keep going for about 15km. You will be at a town called Kundasang, the resort is on the right hand side of the road.

For more resorts and hotels in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, go to this page.

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12 Comments for “Kinabalu Pine Resort Sabah”

  • Henry says:

    the hotel u have posted is awesome enough, compare with those ‘hotel’ in sepitang and papar, haha…

  • adrian says:

    You should have seen the hotel in Tenom. I couldn’t wait to get back to work, it beats having to stay in the hotel.

  • emt training says:

    nice post. thanks.

  • adrian says:

    You are welcomed. We are still quite undecided if it was worth the price, paying 3 star hotel rate for what seems like a 2 star motel. But the view and climate is nice.

  • Acid Jazz CD says:

    I’m looking for significant information on this subject. The information was absolutely as I am about to launch fairly portal. A variety of for providing a missing link in my business.

  • dental hygienist says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • SUKHAIMI says:

    Yes,,very nice to stay here. I stayed on 7 to 9 June 2010. Block M3. Beautiful sight viewing, landscaping.See my FB. It has a big balcony chalet. Really satisfied. Will come again next time. Location also nice, just a few second drive from Kundasang town. I give 4 star.

  • adrian says:

    Hi Sukhaimi, it is an awarding winning resort in a beautiful location. While I’m not sure it deserves 4 stars, but I am glad you enjoyed your stay.

  • syy says:

    Hi there, I would like to know what was the temperature at the resort as I’m afraid my kids could not cope.

  • adrian says:

    Hi Syy, the temperature at Kundasang where Kinabalu Pine Resort is located can best be described as a pleasant break from the heat in Kota Kinabalu. It gets cool in the night, but unless it is raining, it doesn’t get very cold. We slept in our shorts and t-shirts, so long pants and pajamas ought to do it for kids. It’s like being in an air-conditioned room.

    I normally bring along a jacket for my kids, but often they don’t need it.

    In the day time, it is warm and a stand fan is provided in the room. Kundasang is at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu, so the temperature is warmer than on the mountain.

  • syy says:

    Thanks for the info, Adrian. Can I further get more info from you? I would like to stay 1 or 2 nights at foothill of Mount Kinabalu and another 2 nights at the beach. So transportation is very much needed for us to go around KK, what is your advise? Should we rent a car or are there any other alternatives? How to go to TAR Marine Park and the islands nearby? What is the best time to visit KK? Thanks again :p

  • adrian says:

    Hi Syy, sorry for the late reply.

    1) Driving to Mount Kinabalu is pretty straight forward, and there are a few clean motels just outside Mount Kinabalu National Park. If you intend to explore the Kundasang and Ranau area, having a car is a must. The war memorial is in Ranau, and natural hot springs at Poring (after Ranau town). At the least, rent a saloon and make sure it can get you safely to Mount Kinabalu and back. Brakes, clutch and battery needs to work well. You could take the local bus but you might even lose time.

    2) Beach time! To get to TAR, just head to Jesselton Point, it’s in the city and everyone knows where its at. It is within walking distance from most hotels in the city. Day trip and overnight stays are available, but advisable to check with a local agent if you want to stay overnight. If it’s within your budget, Karambunai Beach resort is my favorite. Or stay in Tanjung Aru area, good beach and a great resort. Beringgis Beach resort in Kinarut, 15 mins out of KK is a nice little beach resort. Might be a bit quiet though.

    3) Within the city and the suburbs, I don’t think you need to hire a car unless you really want to explore. Taxis and buses are readily available, or arrange with your hotel for a car and driver.

    4) Best time to visit KK, just about anytime. It might get a little wet towards December, but then again we had a very wet mid-year in 2010. Right now, it’s sunny in the morning and tends to rain in the afternoon. Your best bet is to download the 2011 calender of events and see what you like.

    Hope this helps.

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