Green Initiatives In Resorts

In support of Earth Hour 2010. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Many of our visitors come to Sabah to see our natural heritage, trek in our lush green jungles, unpolluted islands and beaches, dive in our clear waters, and visit the man of the jungle, the orang utans. Eco-tourism and international visitors bring in hard currency to the country, impressions plays an important role when they tell their friends and family about the adventures they have in Sabah, Borneo.

The resorts that we have here are beautiful and provide world class amenities to their guests. So what are
they doing to promote conservation in the management of their resorts? Many hotels have lush vegetation on their premises, trees, creeper plants, scrubs, hedges, and well kept grass. It is a welcomed experience to stroll through a beautifully landscaped resort.

Photo: Nora Carol, Flickr

Photo: Nora Carol, Flickr

Are they doing enough?
Are any of our resorts certified eco-friendly? Is there even such a rating, and should it be just as important as how many stars a resort rate? How stringent are the controls the resort management implement?

Next time you visit a resort, ask them about their green initiatives. Perhaps if their guests ask them often enough, it will send the message that Going Green matters, and leads to heightened awareness. It is not just a matter of how beautiful and comfortable the resort is, it’s about sustainability.

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Water Conservation and Preservation
  • Employee Education
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Eco-tourism should be promoted along with eco-friendly hotels and resorts. Not just resorts, every lodging house and motels should have a green initiative. Reduce, Recycle & Reuse. It matters to us, local natives, consumers, tourists and businesses. When consumers and businesses lead the way, the rest of the society will stop and take a look at how much waste they are generating. The environment is our universal responsibility. It starts with us.

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