Billion Garden Motel Sipitang

In March of this year, I spent 16 days traveling all over Sabah, visiting every G-Mart store. In those 16 days, I worked till midnight, and it was just a series of long days. But I got the chance to take some really nice photographs and meet a lot of my colleagues.

On my visit to Sipitang, in the interior of Sabah, I stayed at the Billion Garden Motel. This motel is about 1.5km outside of town. If you have to go to Sipitang, this is the only motel I would recommend. There is a restaurant there, basically an open air structure with a roof overhead.

Billion Garden Motel Sipitang

Billion Garden Motel Sipitang

Billion Garden

Billion Garden Motel room

Billion Garden Motel room

Prices start from RM80 for single room, and it comes with 2 single beds with attached bathroom. All rooms come with television, air-con, and kettle. Bath towels, bath slippers and bath soap are provided. The bath towels are almost worn through with use, so it is always advisable to bring your own.

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3 Responses to “Billion Garden Motel Sipitang”

  1. Marine Paint : Says:

    i very much prefer bath towels that are made of cotton or polyester, they are very soft and easy to dry*-;

  2. adrian Says:

    We all prefer cotton bath towels, just don’t expect to get cotton bath towels in the motels in rural Sabah. Unless you bring your own…

  3. Pinay Love Songs · Says:

    bathroom towels should be maintained with a good fabric conditioner so that they will last longer ;~;

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