Taman Bintang Food Court

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Good Food At Taman Bintang Food Court

Taman Bintang is a residential area situated 2 miles outside of Tawau city. During the day, it is quite a busy area as it is also next to an industrial area. Now, you can find Taman Bintang Food Court just there just before the residences.

During the night, there are a number of coffee shops and hawker stalls in the area to service the residents living there. In many places, there are little places with delicious food if you know where to look. It is always best to have some local friends as many food stalls come and go over the years.

There used to be a stall selling Chinese style lamb kebabs and it was the best lamb I have ever eaten. Unfortunately, that stall has long since disappeared and we have heard nothing from the owner since. Today, there is a food court in Taman Bintang and it is a good place to meet up with old friends.

Taman Bintang Food Court Tawau

Taman Bintang Food Court In Tawau

Pork Satay At Taman Bintang Food Court

To tell you the truth, I am not that nuts about food – I am not a foodie. My favorite food is dessert, and if that is not available, my second favorite food is snacks. Snacks in this case are street food which are things like satay and small portions of food.

If you know Chinese food, dishes like yong tau fu can be used as a main dish or an accompaniment. Dim Sum is basically small bites of food which can be found at hawker stalls as well as high end restaurants. Street food is a must try, and in Sabah, there are quite a number of choices from Malay to Chinese.

But back to Taman Bintang Food Court, it is the only place I know you can find Pork Satay. Pork makes good satay as the meat is succulent and well….fat. Satays are little skewers of meat roasted over a charcoal fire. It is normally made with beef or chicken as it is originally a Malay dish. Do not expect to see a peanut sauce with pork satay, it is eaten with a mix of garlic and chilli sauce.

Pork Satay In Tawau

Pork Satay In Tawau

Tawau Yong Tau Fu

Yong Tau Fu in Taman Bintang

Coconut Drink Tawau

Coconut Drink Tawau

Have Dinner At Taman Bintang Food Court

Taman Bintang Food Court is only opened for business at night and it is a good place for dinner. Plenty of selection to choose from, from main dishes to fried noodles. It enjoys a decent crowd every night and the atmosphere is very casual and relaxed. It caters to the Chinese market so you will find lots of pork dishes.

For drinks, there are soft drinks, hot drinks, fresh fruit juice and beer. Good food and good friends under a clear starry sky. This is one of the better ways to spend the evening.

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