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Saturday November 24th 2012

Old Town White Coffee Kubota Square

Old Town White Coffee, Kubota Square, Tawau

If you thinking of going out for a bite and not sure of where to go, I suggest Old Town White Coffee Kubota Square. I have always had a good experience whenever I visit.

Old Town White Coffee is found at Kobuta Square in Tawau. Kobuta Square is an up and coming commercial area in Tawau, and I always make it a point to visit. While the retail shops are nothing much to shout about, food is the reason why people keep coming here. Old Town White Coffee, Yummy Yummy Cafe and 1 Plus 1 are all excellent places to go for a meal. Of the three, 1 Plus 1 is the only air-conditioned restaurant.

Old Town White Coffee – Good Place To Chill

One reader wrote us in 2010 to complain about the quality of their service of the City Mall branch. To be fair, I have not experienced any short-comings during my visits. As for old Town White Coffee in Kubota Square, even my kids enjoyed the meal.

Tawau is a slow place, and many folks that I know tend to eat out a lot. Mainly to socialize and also because most good places to eat in are very consistent with their quality. Paying customers have the right to expect a uniform experience when they walk into your establishment. So if you see any restaurants that have consistent patrons, you will know they are doing something right.

Old Town White Coffee in Kubota Square, Tawau
Old Town White Coffee in Kubota Square, Tawau
Old Town Kubota Square interior
Nice decor and a cool place to chill

Old Favorites At Old Town White Coffee

It was Saturday during my visit in March. We went out for brunch and I like it when a restaurant has patrons but is not packed. If your kids are anything like mine, we tend to order a little of everything just to find something they will like. Most times, we will order noodles, sandwiches and whatever else is available.

Old Town White Coffee serves a range of Malay classics such as nasi lemak and laksa, Chinese style noodles, as well as bread and toast. While the Malay classic menu is authentic and spicy, there are plenty of children friendly food on the menu. And of course for those who are not into spicy food.

Old Town Nasi Lemak with fried chicken
Old Town Nasi Lemak with fried chicken - RM8.90
Old Town Mincde Chicken Egg Noodle
Old Town Minced Chicken Egg Noodle - RM7.90
Old Town Egg Toast with Kaya
Old Town Egg Toast with Kaya - RM5.30

Prices are typical of what you would expect from a mid range coffeehouse. For instance, Old Town Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken is RM8.90 before tax. Brunch for 2 adults and 2 children, effectively for 3 persons came out to be just under RM15 per person. par for the course.

Old Town White Coffee
Old Town White Coffee - RM3.80
Old Town Rose Float and Orange Fizzy
Old Town Rose Float RM6.90 and Orange Fizzy RM4.80

Old Town White Coffee is quite a nice cup of coffee. Simple and nothing pretentious about this. As for the Orange Fizzy, I think they mixed orange syrup with soda water, my kids were not too fond of this. Soda water is bitter. The Rose Float was bland and if it did not have ice-cream in it, no one would have wanted it.

It was a little of a hit and miss as far as the drinks went, but as long as the kids did not complain, we were quite happy with the place.

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