Nice View Milky Tea

Milky Tea is refreshing after a hot day

Most people will drop by the food court at Tun Fuad Park after their hike or their day at the Water World theme park.

We found a nice stall to have a bite today. Normally we would just go into the food court and have the usual noodles or rice dishes. Today, a food stall at the front of the food court caught my eye. Maybe I was thinking about having something different, and I was glad I did.

Nice View Milky Tea

Nice View Milky Tea

Nasi Lemak and Milky Tea

Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malay street food and is a favorite of many, myself included. For RM2.00, you can get a decent plate of nasi lemak at this stall. It’s the rice and sambal that makes nasi lemak delicious, and while this is cooked in the Chinese style, it is still delicious.

Cuttlefish and Kangkong is traditional Chinese street food, and it is getting hard to find these days. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it for RM3.00. Their version is slightly different, the sauce isn’t as I remember it and they make it spicy. Still, totally enjoyable, especially after a day at the water world.

Chicken and fries

Chicken and Fries

Chicken and Fries is a favorite for kids. While some might say that popcorn chicken is not the most healthy of food, as long as it taste good, I have no complains. RM5.50 sounds like a fair price to me.

Friendly Service
On top of that the service was very friendly, so I went to chat to the owners. It turned out that they started their food stall on 4th November 2010. Two friends decided to start their own business after years of working in an office. They wanted to do simple food, and milky tea, which is a good idea because it is refreshing in our hot climate.

They serve Milky Tea, Pearl Milky Tea, Shakes, Ice Blended Drinks and some snacks. Do try the nasi lemak and cuttlefish with kangkong. It does not cost a lot and we all enjoyed it.

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