Hottest Chilli Sauce In Sabah

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Everyone knows how hot the chili padi is, and for chili lovers, the heat is just about right. There are many variants of chili found in Sabah, from big red or green chili, thai chili and the chili padi. Chili is used in many Malaysian recipes, eaten raw or made into chili sauce. To many, a meal isn’t complete unless there is chili on the side. Indeed, you will find chili sauce on every table in any coffeeshop in Sabah. Chinese, Malays and all native race have their own type of chili sauce.

I happen to know where to find the hottest chili sauce in Tawau, and I am pretty sure it is the hottest chili sauce available in any coffeeshop in all of Sabah. I would like to invite all readers of this blog to test it out and let us know where you think the hottest chili sauce in Sabah is found. The criteria is: It has to be found readily available in a coffeeshop.

Cool Coffeeshop, Fajar Complex, Tawau

Cool Coffeeshop, Fajar Complex, Tawau

The Hottest Chili Sauce In Sabah
This is found in Cool, a coffeeshop in Tawau that specializes in Soto. Soto is an Malaysian soup with rice vermicelli, cucumber, egg, and meat. It comes in many variety, and this dish is common in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The soup is made up of a secret blend of herbs and spices, and it is the soup that makes Soto unique. Some people also squeeze a little lime juice, or add white vinegar, or soy sauce to give it additional contrast.

Soto with rice vermicelli

Soto with rice vermicelli

I recommend the Soto with Prawn balls when you get there. This is made with whole prawn, and this is the only place that has this. The Soto is also available with beef or chicken, but go for the prawn ball. You can choose which type of soup you want, they have a choice of the Soto soup which is spicy, or the clear chicken soup which is a light broth. If you like something a little spicy, go for the Soto soup. I can’t really describe it except to say that it is what Soto should taste like.

Now we come to the chili sauce which is made from chili padi. Just try a little and see how much heat you can take. I have seen people pour the chili sauce into their Soto despite advice to the contrary. While I feel their discomfort, I am also amused to see them in their predicament. I did warn them.

The Secret Of Making Chili Sauce
The secret to making the hottest chili sauce in Sabah is the process of making chili sauce itself. Most people would blend fresh chili in a machine, and then combine the chili paste with vinegar. Chili sauce made this way tend to be more vinegar than chili. Even if you blend chili padi with vinegar, the chili padi sauce will lose its heat very quickly.

The way to extract the flavor and heat from the chili is to fry the chili padi in some oil. The hot oil will start the process to extract the oils in the chili padi. This is what melts steel. I do not know what else they combine the chili paste with, but chili sauce produced this way will keep their heat for a long time.

Pearl Milky Tea and Ice Shake
This coffeeshop also sells Pearl Milky Tea, Fruit Juices, and Ice Shakes. Pearl Milky Tea is quite popular in Sabah. Other than their Soto, the Milky Tea and Ice Shakes are very popular in Tawau. My favorite is the Chocolate Ice Shake, which is shaved milk flavored ice, topped with chocolate syrup. Their ABC (Ais Batu Campur) is also a favorite of mine.

They also sell Toast with Peanut Butter, Butter or Chocolate spread. This is a one inch thick slice of bread, toasted in an oven and topped with a thick layer of spread. You can call up them up and order, but you will have to collect the order yourself. The coffeeshop is packed during lunch hour, and closes at 5.00pm.

ABC, a Malaysian dessert

ABC, a Malaysian dessert

Chocolate Ice Shake

Chocolate Ice Shake

One inch thick Toast With Butter

One inch thick Toast With Butter

How To Get There
For starters, Cool coffeeshop is in Tawau, Sabah. So if you are in Tawau, head over to Fajar Complex. They are located in the last block. If it’s your first time in Tawau, everything in town is within walking distance. The last time I was in Tawau, I stayed at MB Hotel, which was only minutes away from Fajar Complex.

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  2. [...] Hottest Chilli Sauce In Sabah | [...]

  3. [...] Hottest Chilli Sauce In Sabah | [...]

  4. Gallivanter says:

    Can I buy the hottest chili in KK? :-)

  5. adrian says:

    @Gallivantar A few years back, my wife had a coffeeshop in Inanam, and she had the hottest chili sauce I know in Kota Kinabalu. It’s closed now, but she used to sell a few bottles every now and then to her customers. So, I am wondering where we can find the hottest chili sauce in K.K.?

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