Gayang Seafood Restaurant Revisited

Posted on: December 17th, 2010 by Adrian 2 Comments

Recently, a reader left a comment on this website bemoaning her experience during a visit to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. I was a bit surprised at her comments because it is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Like many restaurants in Sabah, if the food isn’t any good, it will go out of business quickly. If their service is really bad, it will be known very quickly.

Fortunately, a friend came over from England in late November, and since this is his first visit to Sabah, we had dinner at this restaurant.

So, How Was The Food?
The food was exactly as I remembered it, delicious and fresh. We had cockles, prawns, fried crayfish, steamed fish, fried chicken, stir-fried vegetables for 6 adults and 2 children. While it was not a busy night, there were a few other diners there, a mix of locals and Westerners.

Gayang Restaurant Dishes

Some of the seafood we ordered

We had ordered 6 dishes, and together with the drinks, the tab came up to RM350.00. For the food alone, it was RM300.00 thereabouts. Dessert came with the meal, and we could not finish the food. So I was quite glad that we did not experience the same thing as our reader did.

Our Reader’s Comment
All the comment about variety and good seafood in dayang seafood restaurant is not true. I have Been there today, Very Very Very limited choices of seafood, prices are double the price u can get in other seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, plus most important is it NO GOOD at all & it’s the worst service you will get from the lady call herself captain Aunty Jen, terrible waitress service and attitude. Trust me, I have been here more than 2weeks & tried all the restaurants, this one strongly NOT recommended. Some more u need to spend rm150 for taxi to send u there and back to KK town. Dun GO! -Amy tourist

I guess you have to know what to order, and you cannot expect 5 star service or dining. Or it could just simply be the food was not to her taste. Whatever it is, I do hope that she gets to experience what Sabah has to offer in terms of fresh seafood.

For me though, the experience is no different from my other visits. And we will continue to return to Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

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2 Responses

  1. CY says:

    I agree with Amy’s comment.
    Prices are more expensive as compare with town’s restaurants!
    And i do not understand what does the blogger mean “I guess you have to know what to order”

    What else can we order in a seafood restaurant??

  2. Adrian says:

    I am not affiliated with Gayang Seafood Restaurant but I do drop in every few weeks. A blanket statement such as prices being more expensive than the city’s does not detail if it is the same product being compared. For any comparison that will benefit consumers and readers, it must be a fair comparison. Personally, I have found the prices to be lower.

    As for knowing what to order, you should be aware of the differences in ingredients, taste and cooking methods used, even though the name of the dish might be the same. I have found that simple cooking styles bring out the best in fresh seafood, and if the captain recommends a cooking style, then that is what I would order. Namely because if they recommend it, at least I know that the cooks can produce it.

    Be adventurous when it comes to food, and take into account that different places has different sauces and cooking styles that may change the dish.

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