Fresh Seafood At Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Anybody who has been to Sabah will know that we have a great variety of fresh seafood here. If you have missed out on the seafood, you have missed out on part of the Sabah experience. We don’t have much fancy seafood recipes, just simple flavors and fresh seafood. Located where we are, it seems that every thing worth eating is available from the sea.

You don’t even need to go to a fancy restaurant to be able to get live seafood. Even little coffee shops have live fishes available, although you don’t have to order the live ones who an enjoyable meal. The rule of the thumb is that if it is live, it is more expensive. And the prices displayed are per 100gm. Still, it is a lot less expensive to eat than in most other countries.

Fresh Seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Fresh Seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Gayang Seafood Restaurant
Gayang Seafood Restaurant is located in the same area as Salut Seafood Restaurant. There are many seafood restaurants that are along the Salut river. The most famous ones being Salut and Gayang Seafood Restaurant. You can find locals and tourists having lunch and dinner there every night. Especially when there is a festival like the Chinese New Year.

Dining section at Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Dining section at Gayang Seafood Restaurant

We had dinner at Gayang Seafood Restaurant on the first day of Chinese New Year. The restaurant is built over the Salut river, at least I think it is the Salut river. Although the road to the restaurant is dark and off the main road, it is perfectly safe and easy to get to.

Fresh Seafood, Wild Mushrooms and Yee Sang

Fresh Seafood, Wild Mushrooms and Yee Sang

Dinner for seven adults and 2 children, six dishes in all, came up to less than RM 250. Drinks accounted for almost RM50, so the food was only RM200. We had steamed fish, fried cuttlefish, sweet and sour prawns, wild mushrooms and Yee Sang. All in all, we had a good meal there.

A Special Dish Called Yee Sang
We had a special Chinese New Year dish called Yee Sang. The actual words mean raw fish, most restaurants use salmon. This is used in conjunction with as many as eight or more different ingredients, such as white radish, carrots, onions, manggo, ginger, sweet potato, all shredded and presented on a large plate. For toppings, peanuts and a plum sauce is poured over the dish. Then the diners will stand and toss the different ingredients together, while uttering auspicious wishes. This is known as Loh Sang, the gathering of prosperity in the new year.

A Special Dish called Yee Sang

A Special Dish called Yee Sang

The dish itself can be made of different ingredients, and many restaurants will have their own signature Yee Sang dish. The single component that ties the dish together is the plum sauce, and this is different in every restaurant. I had not really Yee Sang until I tried the one at Gayang, that was because the sauce made all the difference. The only thing is there wasn’t a enough fish in this dish. But for the price, it is hard to beat.

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6 Responses to “Fresh Seafood At Gayang Seafood Restaurant”

  1. Bobo Says:

    makes me want to go Sabah… hehe my fave dish of CNY is always Yee Sang. Yums.
    Bobo´s last blog ..?? Gloomy Day? My ComLuv Profile

  2. Charliz Says:

    About a year ago, my spouse and I took a friend to this Gayang Seafood Restaurant and we had pouched prawns plus other dishes. One sound advice is before you dig into the prawns, make sure they are cook just right because the head of the prawns which are even a bit raw can be poisonous. My husband had some prawns and boy did he ever suffer from it. Just a friendly reminder!

  3. Strawberry Gal Says:

    I really miss the delighting seafood.. Planning again 2 SAbah

  4. adrian Says:

    @ Strawberry girl, I personally feel that Tawau has the best and freshest seafood in the whole of Sabah. Was just there last week, and we had a good time.

  5. Amy tourist Says:

    All the comment about variety and good seafood in dayang seafood restaurant is not true. I have Been there today, Very Very Very limited choices of seafood, prices are double the price u can get in other seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, plus most important is it NO GOOD at all & it’s the worst service u will gy from the lady call herself captain Aunty Jen, terrible waitress service and attitude. Trust me, I have been here more than 2weeks & tried all the restaurants, this one strongly NOT recommended. Somemore u need to spend rm150 for taxi to send u there and back to KK town. Dun GO!

  6. adrian Says:

    Are we talking about the same restaurant? How could the prices here be twice as much as in Kota Kinabalu? As for service, it is can be good and bad in KK. That is what upsets so many people, myself included.

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