Fook Yuen Cafe Kota Kinabalu

Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu.

This coffeehouse has gotten many rave reviews from friends in Kota Kinabalu. This outlet in Gaya Street has only been in operations for slightly more than 2 months.

I was introduced to this cafe by an entrepreneur friend who told me he had breakfast here every day. We went on a Saturday morning and ended up chatting with the owner, Mr Low for 2 hours. He is a friendly and smart entrepreneur.

Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery, Gaya Street.

Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery, Gaya Street.

About the Cafe

I would describe this cafe as an upscale coffeehouse with really low prices. You would not expect such ambiance from a coffeehouse that basically serves local style fast food, but the colors, decor and lighting makes it an inviting place to take a break. While it is not air-conditioned, it is quite cool and offers a nice respite from the tropical heat.

Fook Yuen Bakery section

Fook Yuen Bakery section

The bakery produces fresh baked buns, bread and cake rolls on the premise, so the bread is bound to be fresh. You can see them working the dough as they prepare dough for the oven. Freshness is what brings the customers back, and you can see the food being cooked and replenished throughout the day.

Self service counter

Self service counter

The tables and chairs are reminiscent of Borneo in the bygone years, marble table tops mounted on wooden stands. From the entrance you might have expected an upscale establishment, and in presentation it is. But the food and drinks are the real value, I have had the same food in a old open air coffeeshop that cost more.

The Menu
Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery serves local style fast food, fried noodles, chicken wings, hotdogs, fishballs on a stick, among other local delights. Nasi Lemak in banana leave costs only RM 1.60. That is why this cafe is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Patrons enjoying brunch.

Patrons enjoying brunch.

They also serve an a la carte menu of Western food such as steaks and chops, fish and chips and spaghetti. Prices for the Western menu starts from RM 5.50. Also available is a selection of Japanese set meal, American breakfast, and a variety of ham and cheese sandwiches.

Opening Hours: 7.00am to 2.00am.

Double entrance at Fook Yuen Cafe

Double entrance at Fook Yuen Cafe

Getting There
Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery is located on the ground floor of Menara Jubili building, on Gaya Street. Just walk along Gaya Street and head towards Sabah Tourism Board building, Fook Yuen is just before the Sabah Tourism building.

It is in a good location, the building is modern, within walking distances of hotels, backpacker lodges, supermarkets and offices. This parking also has a lot of parking space, making it convenient for locals as well.

Fook Yuen Cafe and Bakery has branches in the following areas; Kota Kinabalu city, Asia City, Karamunsing Capital, Damai Plaza, and Taman Iramanis. The outlets are self service, and there is no service charge or sales tax on the bill.

Comments From A Patron
Yep, it’s a nice place. Just went over there last Saturday night, amidst all the comments we heard from previous patrons. Food was bountiful….and yes, prices were not bad too. Also all the branches are cozy. - Haniwi Chong

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  1. Glamiva Says:

    I’ve been passing there for many times and I still wonder, is this place halal? It’s so big and this problem is the only thing that stands between me and this place.
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  2. adrian Says:

    Yes, it is definitely halal. I asked the owner when I saw some Malay customers when I was there.

  3. hotel kotakinabalu Says:

    Some posts are very dry and hard to read, yours has been very well written and informational!

  4. stacy Says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  5. physiotherapy jobs Says:

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  6. adrian Says:

    @Blearvero, I do for features that are a good fit for this website.

  7. adrian Says:

    Hi Stacy, it’s a nice place but they don’t serve alcoholic beverages :)

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