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Tuesday May 24th 2011

Eating Out In Suria KK

The Food Court In Suria Kota Kinabalu

The food court in Suria Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu is getting to be quite popular with the locals. As you know, if you want to experience good food, just head to where the locals eat out. Chances are, the food will be good and the price is fair.

Located on the 3rd floor of Suria Shopping Mall, it is quite easy to find. Most of the time, there will be a steady stream of customers going in and out of the food court. And of course, the girls over at www.everydayfoodilove.com beat me to it.

suria kk food court
The beverage station in the middle of food court
suria food court kk
Seating area of Suria KK Food Court

Choice Of Food In Suria Food Court

The first thing you see is the amazing view of the sky and the sea that surrounds the waterfront where Suria is located. This is a 5 star view in a fast food restaurant, or rather food court. You can, in fact choose a table out-door, dining out on the balcony if the weather is good.

suria food court view
Suria food court comes with a 5 star view
suria food court balcony
Outside tables at Suria food court

As is usual in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, you can find Malay food and Chinese food within the same food court. The only concession is that no pork is served on the premises. Other than that, it is authentic Chinese food.

As you walk in, you will find Malay food stalls to your left, serving the ever popular chicken rice, curry rice and other delicious Malay food. Although I did not see the stall, I am told that there is an Indian food stall serving Tandoori Chicken.

suria malay food court
Malay food to your left

The Chinese food stalls are to your right, serving rice and noodle dishes, as well as Assam Laksa noodles. We got there at 3.00pm and after dropping my angels off in the playground, my wife and I went to get a late lunch.

kuo man restaurant suria
Kuo Man Restaurant featured on Astro

What To Order in Suria KK Food Court

We just made it in time as the Chinese stall was just about to close. Some of their most popular dishes had already ran out. So we placed our orders and went to find a table by the window. It is self-service, so after you pay for your food, you collect a number tag. When your food is ready, your number is announced and you go and pick it up.

We ordered a Chicken Teriyaki with rice, which is a chicken dish that is marinated in soy sauce and then pan-fried. It was surprisingly tasty and the portion size was quite fair. The price for Chicken Teriyaki rice was RM6.

We also order a Mee Hoon with meatballs and soup. While it looked rather plain, and flavor wise was alright. Not outstanding, but definitely nothing to complain about. The price for Mee Hoon with meatballs was RM6.50.

chicken teriyaki rice
Chicken Teriyaki with rice for RM6
mee hoon soup
Mee Hoon with meatballs at RM6.50

Fast Food And 5 Star View

The view at Suria Food Court in Kota Kinabalu is one of the best in town. We found the food, service and cleanliness of the food court to acceptable. Especially Kuo Man Restaurant, good and friendly service, fair price and tasty food.

The food court in Suria shopping mall spans 10,000 square feet, with 12 food stalls. They open from 10am to 10pm. You should make your way there and take a look at the wonderful view.

suria kota kinabalu

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