Eating Out In Hong Kong Recipe

One of the restaurants we routinely go to is Hong Kong Recipe restaurant in 1 Borneo and Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu. The food is good, the quality is consistent, and with dishes like Macau Burger, it is Chinese food with a slight difference. As the name suggests, this is Chinese food, Hong Kong style.

On this occasion, we decided to try the restaurant at Warisan Square on the ground floor. Warisan Square has a great many selection of restaurants, from Western to Japanese, along with local traditional food outlets.

Good, Consistent Quality
To my mind, consistency is the most important criteria you have to meet, in whatever business you are in. In this respect, Hong Kong Recipe is able to achieve this. No matter which outlet you go to, you can expect the same taste and quality food. The service is uniformly efficient and friendly, especially the outlet in Warisan Square. Consistent, efficient and friendly customer service sets the tone for your dining experience. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted warmly, and shown to a table immediately. In moments, we were seated, and a baby chair was brought to our table for my angel.

What really impressed me was the thoughtfulness of our waiter. Not your typical young man, our waiter was in middle aged and he took the time to keep my angel entertained so we could have a pleasant meal. I have been to many restaurants, in many places and I can tell you this gentleman is one of the best.

The Food Is Interesting
Alright, I have not been to Hong Kong in years, but my last stay in Hong Kong lasted 3 months. So this is the kind of food that I remember, although you can expect variations in the taste of the dishes. Since, we were here just to grab a bite of food, we only ordered 2 dishes. We had the Macau Burger and Chicken Rice, mainly because the burger sounded interesting and my kids will eat Chicken Rice.

The Macau Burger has a deep fried pork patty, and mayo on top. Taste was a little bland, there wasn’t any particularly memorable flavors, presentation (as you can see in the photo) was just the burger. Still, it wasn’t something you can find elsewhere in Kota Kinabalu, and my princess seemed to like it.

Macau Burger from Hong Kong Recipe

Macau Burger from Hong Kong Recipe

Sabah has a more variations of chicken rice than you can count, Singapore Chicken Rice, The Chicken Hut, Mongolian Chicken Rice, Malay Chicken Rice, Steamed Chicken Rice, and many more. Chicken rice is offered from established restaurants to the street stall, and almost everyone will have their favorite. The chicken rice sold in Hong Kong Recipe is one of their best-sellers, I believe. The chicken is tender, and the sauce is tasty. On top of that, the rice served is fragrant. The price is more than what you will pay from the street stall, but it is worth it. The only downside is the chicken portions are very small.

Hong Kong Recipe's chicken rice.

Hong Kong Recipe's chicken rice.

The Verdict
Eating out in Hong Kong Recipe is a pleasant experience. Especially the outlet in Warisan Square. On our visit, we found the service to be exceptional. The food is of consistent quality, small portions but it was enough for us. If you are eating out for 2 adults, expect to spend at least RM30.00.

My Princess and my Angel enjoyed the meal.

My Princess and my Angel enjoyed the meal.

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