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Saturday July 7th 2012

Eat Like the English

English Tea And Scones In Sandakan

Sandakan is well known for its food. I have had the opportunity to visit Sandakan on business before and enjoyed eating as much as we enjoyed talking with the people there.

Like most places, you have to know where to eat and there is nothing better than having a local friend to go with.

In this feature, our friend and contributor from Sandakan highlights the English Tea House and Restaurant.

English Tea House And Restaurant

Yesterday, I went for a  ”lunch-tea-break” session at one of the most beautiful spot in Sandakan. Guest where?

Hints* Hints* – On top of a mountain, with beautiful sea view, tourist hot spot (of course), and lots of mosquito! (ish…)

English Tea House, Sandakan

Yes! It’s at English Tea House! @ Sandakan

It’s feel like ages since my last visit to there… (I am talking about when the Sun is still hanging up the sky).  In actual fact, I’ve been here like… a month ago & it was when the Moon hanging up instead… with some friends of mine slurping our favourite apple crumble – mmm….. yummy. Super delicious!

Ok, enough with the talk… here you go my… my lunch-tea-break set:

English tea and scones at English Tea House Sandakan

I took the Delight Tea Set (the actual name on the menu, I think)… and it comes with a choice of Coffee or Tea. Obviously, I took the tea. I like the 1st tier the most and from the look of it, it might looked simple but once you’ve bite on them… I am telling you… you will love it so much that you will took the whole thing away and eat it on your own because it’s so refreshing and it’s wohoo… nice!

The set is meant for two and guess again who am I with? (anyway…, tell you next time)

No matter how much I liked it… there is one I don’t really fancy eating….

scones in Sandakan, Sabah

As I mentioned earlier… I like the 1st tier more… It’s not that I don’t like the taste of the 2nd tier (to be exact the “Scones”)… just that, I can’t stand having something sticky in the mouth after I’ve munch on it – however I found a remedy to it… just finish up your pot of tea! right after the munching is all over. No, wonder they provide you with a choice of tea or coffee (They know you will have this challenge after eating the scones).

Price? Why don’t you go find out yourself… it’s barely RM30+ (Inclusive of tax and service charge). If you just look at the atmosphere it provides, with food by a professional cook… where else can you get such a good bargain? I would say… it’s a good meal!

The next round I come back, it would be… for dinner!

Till then…

Entrance to English Tea HouseFor more info, check out: English Tea House

If you are traveling to Sandakan

This is a must go place for you… and I don’t get anything from the restaurant for promoting them. I just do it for leisure… of eating, and enjoying life in my home town… If they do pay me after reading this. That’s my BONUS!

Enjoy, Live Life Passionately, Shane Ho

To know more about Shane Ho and his passion? Click here: www.shaneho.com

NOTE: Blog excerpt from shaneho.com

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