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Tuesday June 14th 2011

Dinner At Kampung Nelayan Restaurant

A Family Reunion Dinner At Kampung Nelayan

Kampung Nelayan Restaurant is very popular with tour agencies and tourists. If you come with a tour group, chances are you will end up dining here. A wide selection of fresh seafood, meats cooked local style and local produce. On top of that, you get to enjoy a traditional cultural dance show.

The audience are encouraged to join in the dance and it is always a hit with tourists. Traditional music is made with gongs and bamboo flutes, and is strangely hypnotic. it encourages you to move in time to the beat. The show starts off with the graceful Kadazan dance, the Sumazou. The finale is the Murut Bamboo dance, the Magunatip.

Kampung Nelayan Restaurant
Kampung Nelayan Restaurant

Kampung Nelayan, Popular With Tourists And Locals

We had a family reunion dinner at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant at the end of April. Our relatives flew into Kota Kinabalu from Canada, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur. Even though many people have migrated to other countries, you never forget the taste of home.

I guess that was why the food just didn’t seem to stop coming that evening. Fish, cockles, shell fish, oysters, chicken, and vegetables. While the food was over cooked, it did not stop us from enjoying the evening. The bill came out over RM1,000 for 10 adults. What the heck, nights like this only come around every few years.

Dinner And Cultural Show

In the midst of dinner, my Princess surprised everyone by going up on stage and joining in the Sumazou. Many of the diners also followed suit, Caucasian and Chinese alike. After the dance, everyone got the opportunity to pose for photographs with the dancers in their traditional costumes.

Sumazou dance
Princess doing the Sumazou.

She took a pass on the Bamboo dance, the Magunatip. We could never convince her that it was perfectly safe. I am sure she wished the Sumazou dance went on for longer than it did.

Magunatip dancers
Posing with the cultural dancers
Traditional cultural dance Sabah
A good way to end the evening

If you visit Sabah, do make sure to have dinner here. The food is good, and the prices are fair. On top of that, you get to take part in a Sabah Cultural dance show which is always the highlight of the evening.

Getting Here
Kampung Nelayan Restaurant is situated in Tun Fuad Stephens Park, located in Bukit Padang (Padang Hill), Luyang. It is less than a 10 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city, and is best experienced in the evenings. You can catch a taxi cab from Kota Kinabalu to Kampung Nelayan Restaurant which will cost RM20 one way. Then you can arrange with the taxi driver to come pick you up or ask the restaurant to call a taxi for you.

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.00pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 11.00pm

Other Attractions In The Area
Water World, the only water park in Kota Kinabalu where you get to cool off from the heat. There are water slides, or you can just laze around in the pool. Great fun for children. Only Rm15 per person on the weekend, prices are lower on weekdays.

Tun Fuad Stephens Park is a jogging park and many people come here to run or walk. There are also hiking trails you can go off on. If you want to know what it is like going up Mount Kinabalu, try the hike up the hill. It is very similar to the trail on Mount Kinabalu.

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