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Friday November 23rd 2012

1 Plus 1 Restaurant In Tawau

1 Plus 1 Restaurant In Kubota Square, Tawau

1 Plus 1 Restaurant in Kubota Square is a very popular restaurant in Tawau. They only open from 11.00am to 3.00pm, catering to the lunch crowd.

Also known as e-ka-e Restaurant, it is a Taiwanese style restaurant that has some interesting and tasty items on their menu. Located at Tawau’s newest real estate, this restaurant is packed during lunch hour.

1 Plus 1 restaurant or e-ka-e restaurant in Tawau, Sabah
1 Plus 1 Restaurant or e-ka-e Restaurant in Tawau.

The Food At 1 Plus 1 Restaurant, Tawau

1 Plus 1 Restaurant has an interesting mix of popular Chinese and Western favorites. The menu is small but that pretty much guarantees that every dish is a best seller. The restaurant is comfortable decorated, nothing pretentious about it. It is just a comfortable place for a meal with friends and family. It is air-conditioned and the service is prompt. All in all, a very nice place for a meal.

Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs Vegetable Rice
This is a full meal for one person, with fried rice, vegetables and BBQ pork ribs in Chinese style. This was well received. Priced at RM9.90.

1 plus 1 BBQ pork ribs rice
1 plus 1 Chinese BBQ pork ribs rice with vegetable, RM9.90

Cheese Baked Rice With Chicken Chops
This was the kids’ favorite and it smelled delicious. Our kids liked the cheese and the chicken chops. Priced slightly higher at RM14.90.

e-ka-e Cheese baked rice with chicken chops
Cheese Baked Rice with chicken chops, RM14.90

Fish And Chips
Fish and chips is one of the more popular and well known dishes, with many interpretation. Nothing beats the old fish and chips shop in England. Well the kids enjoyed this, I found the barter to be too hard. I don’t know what they used but if they had tried a Japanese flour mix or added some beer into the barter, this might have turned out better. Priced at RM12.90.

1 plus 1 fish and chips, Tawau
Fish and Chips, RM12.90

Stone Beef Rice
This is plate of rice on a sizzling plate, hence the name Stone Beef rice. It looked nice and the beef was tender. A bit pricy at RM16.90.

e-ka-e Restaurant - stone beef rice
Sizzling Stone Beef Rice, RM16.90

Braised Beef Rice
This is the children portion of Braised Beef Rice with Japanese Taufu. Perfect size for children, tasty and aromatic. Very well priced at RM2.50.

1 plus 1 Restaurant Tawau and braised pork rice
Braised Pork Rice for children, RM2.50

Garlic Bread
We also ordered the Garlic Bread. It was too dry and was not as tasty as it can be. Priced at RM2.50 for 5 pieces.

e-ka-e garlic bread
Toasted Garlic Bread, RM2.50 for 5 pieces.

The Deserts At 1 Plus 1 Restaurant, Tawau

Desserts are our favorite food group. We saw an interesting dessert called the Apple Ring. It is a little bit like an apple pie. Since apple pies are not very popular in Sabah, they came up with this twist. Personally I like apple pies and this was interesting. The Apple Ring are sold at RM5.90 for 8 pieces.

e-ka-e apple rings
Apple Rings, RM5.90 for 8 pieces

About 1 Plus 1 Restaurant In Tawau
This is a Taiwanese style restaurant, perfect for an informal meal or a place to bring the kids. They cater to the Chinese market and therefore the food is not halal. Since they only open from 11.00am to 3.00pm, it gets quite packed during lunch hour. It is a little noisy but is a very informal and inviting restaurant. We will definitely be going to 1 Plus 1 Restaurant on our next visit to Tawau.

This is their address:
TB15616-0, Lot 71, Block D, Ground Floor,
Kubota Square, 91000 Tawau, Sabah.
Email: ekae.restaurant@gmail.com

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