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Wednesday November 9th 2011

Tun Sakaran Marine Park In Semporna

The Spectacular Tun Sakaran Marine Park

Tun Sakaran Marine Park, also known as Semporna Islands Park, is a marine park located off the east coast of the state of Sabah in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

My guess is not very many people in Sabah has been there. It consists of the islands of Bodgaya, Boheydulang, Sebangkat, Selakan, the sand cays of Maiga, Sibuan, and Mantabuan, and the patch reefs of Church and Kapikan.

In 2004, the park became the seventh gazetted area under Sabah Parks with a total area of 100.8 km². There are approximately 2,000 people living within the park. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tun Sakaran Marine Park Photo Credit to Jon L Kong
Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Photo Credit: Jon L Kong

The above photo is taken by Jon L Kong of JohnLKong.com. A spectacular view of Tun Sakaran Marine Park of the coast of Semporna, Sabah. The grand vista view from the top of the surrounding islands which was once the mouth of a huge prehistoric volcano.

Tun Sakaran Marine Park is a favorite scuba diving spot for divers from around the world. Rich in marine life and said to stand on par with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

A Little Known Island Called Sibuan

Sibuan island is one of the eight islands of Tun Sakaran Marine Park or the Semporna Islands Park. Pulau Sibuan is less then 20 km from Semporna, about a 30 minute boat trip.

Pulau Sibuan Semporna_wongfookyee
Pulau Sibuan Semporna. Photo credit: www.wongfookyee.com

I am reliably informed that Sibuan island is the nearest island for the basic skills learning of Student Divers. Most seasoned divers will dive at Sipadan.

The water is crystal clear and inviting, just look at these photographs. This small island is popular for swimmers and snorkelers. The white sandy beach is free of corals, perfect for swimmers and children.

Pulau Sibuan In Sabah_wongfookyee
Pulau Sibuan looks like a paradise. Photo credit: www.wongfookyee.com

Looks just about the perfect holiday spot for Captain Jack and the Black Pearl. Some of our Sea Gypsies, known as the Sea Bajau settled on this island in small family groups.

Sibuan Island Sabah_ wongfookyee
Borneo paradise island. Photo credit: www.wongfookyee.com

If you are interested in visiting Pulau Sibuan, just ask your travel agent.

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