Travel Tips: A Word About Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance: Why You Should Buy International Travel Insurance

When you are planning a trip around the world, should you buy international travel insurance? It really depends on where you are traveling to and the activities you plan to do. You might be tempted to save a few dollars by ignoring travel insurance, after all, you would rather think about your upcoming travels rather than to think about the mundane.

But consider this, travel insurance offers you a safety when you travel, from trip and baggage delays to medical emergencies. Insurance is one of those things that you do not need until something terrible has happened.

If you have an existing insurance policy, you should check the fine print and see if travel protection is included or the type of activities you plan to do is covered. You might want to go scuba diving or rent a car during your travels, how does this affect your policy?

You might be covered….
If you book your flight tickets and hotel accommodations by credit card. These days, most airlines will ask you if you want to buy insurance when you book.

If you have a existing Medicare policy, you still need to check the terms to see the extend of your coverage and how you can claim in case you need medical care during your travels.

Your credit card might even include travel and baggage protection. But like most things in life, certain terms and conditions will likely apply.

In real life, people do get hurt….
Even a simple day trip to a tropical island can end with a visit to the hospital emergency ward. I know because I was there at the hospital. A young Asian tourist had cut her feet on some corals and had to seek treatment. While this was a relatively minor case, tourists have drown while they were out swimming in the sea.

Offhand, I can recall 3 instances of people having been hurt while climbing Mount Kinabalu. In 2 cases, they fell as they were descending the mountain. The last, a British got lost during a freak weather condition and perished from exposure.

So in my opinion, whether you need additional travel insurance depends on the sort of trip you are taking. If you are dropping by to visit a friend and the worst that might happen is an upset stomach, then you could probably get by without buying one. But if you are going on an adventure, I would think even Indiana Jones would want insurance if he could get it.

Travel Insurance: Emergency and Medical Care In Sabah

In the city of Kota Kinabalu, health care is readily available. From general practitioners to medical specialists, in government hospitals and specialist medical centers, even 24 hour clinics. Medical care is not cheap, but the standard and professionalism of our doctors are on par with the rest of the world.

Outside of the city, emergency medical care can be an issue. Most large towns, such as Tawau and Keningau have hospitals but in severe cases, most patients are transported to Kota Kinabalu.

There is always a risk, especially most of the awe-inspiring places lie outside the city, often in remote places. But rest assured that registered tour operators are competent and can be depended to lend a hand when you need one.

Travel Insurance: International Travel Insurance From Travelex

International Travel Insurance From TravelexTravelex Insurance, a world leader in travel insurance provides coverage for you and your family during your travels. You can compare travel insurance plans and quotes at

They provide peace of mind and assurance for your family and you during your vacation. Or during your business trips, from insurance for travel to trip cancellation insurance.

Visit their website for International Travel Insurance plans and packages when you are planning your vacation.

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