Snorkeling At Mataking Island Semporna

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One of my dear friends took off to Mataking Island during Chinese New Year in February 2011, with her brother from Tawau. They had a great time on Mataking Island, and spent most of their time snorkeling around the pristine waters of Mataking. Happily, she agreed to contribute her photos and videos to

They went on a 2 day, 1 night stay at The Reef Dive Resort on Mataking Island. The adventure started in Semporna, at the Floating Village where most tour operators are situated. It is also where the jetty is located. From there it is a short boat ride to Mataking Island.

Arrival At Mataking Island
Peaceful, serene, beautiful, picturesque, calm, tranquil are some of the words used to describe this tropical paradise. You are on beautiful, sunny island, away from all the distractions of city living and there is only one thing for you to do. Chill out and jump into the water.

mataking resort semporna

Mataking Resort, a tropical paradise.

The Fun Starts
Mataking Island is a fantastic resort to do scuba diving, around the island or far out to sea. If you are not a scuba diver, that is fine as well. You can snorkel around the island, or as my friends did, go out to sea for a swim. It was a unique experience swimming in the sea, exhilarating for the first timers, and an eye-opening thrill.

mataking fun

Getting the gear together for a day of fun.

mataking island boat

Getting ready to go into the sea.

mataking resort snorkeling

Snorkeling in the sea off Mataking Island.

Equip with flotation vest, flippers and snorkels, it is perfectly safe to do. The sea was calm and the weather just perfect. Even the kids tagged along. Everyone was in good hands. Needless to say, they trusted in the skills and professionalism of the boat operators.

Side note: Of course, for first timers it can be intimidating to go snorkeling in the sea. I promised the person not to published the photo, so I can only describe it to you. It was the first time I have seen someone wear a flotation vest, flippers and snorkels AND A LIFE RING.

mataking resort boat

Child safe, while the adults went into the sea.

Back At Mataking Resort
It has been a day of fun and thrills. Everyone enjoyed the trip tremendously and are still talking about it. The resort was comfortable and no one had any complaints. The resort staff did all they were supposed to, letting the guests enjoy themselves on the island.

Mataking Resort

Chilling out on the beachside cafe.

Snorkeling Mataking Island

Snorkeling on the beach of Mataking Island.

Getting There
You have to make your way to Semporna, either directly from Tawau Airport or Tawau town. From Semporna, it is a boat ride to Mataking Island. Your tour operator can make all the necessary arrangements, so you can start your holiday without a fuss. Total cost per person was around RM500.

If you are flying in from outside Malaysia, do be aware that the boats only leave for the resort at certain times. You need to check with Mataking Resort to make certain.

You can make your bookings with GTS Travel Service Sdn Bhd, they are the sole representative for The Reef Dive Resort. Their office is located in Tawau, you can email them at: or visit their website at

Thanks to my friend, Winnie for her contribution. Winnie was formerly a model and beauty contestant, including the Ms Tawau Beauty Contest. She can be found at:

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