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Sunday October 14th 2012

Scuba Diving At Sipadan Island Park

Scuba Diving At Sipadan With Our Model

Our jet-setting friend and contributor, Lok Yun Fung is a regular visitor to Sipadan. Even though she works and lives in Kota Kinabalu, Semporna will always be her hometown. Being a regular visitor to Semporna myself, I always try to find the time for a trip to Semporna.

As you know, Semporna is the gateway to the some of the best scuba diving in Sipadan and Mabul island. It is one of THE place to dive if you are a scuba diver.

Sometimes I think that there should be a special stamp in your passport that states you have dived at Sipadan. If you think about it, they should empower the dive agency the authority to do so. If Mataking island can have their own underwater post box, why not this?

Scuba Diving In Sipadan Photos

We call her our model, and she went diving at the Sipadan Island Park during December 2011. It was in November 2011 when she qualified as a scuba diver. You see, she was planning an underwater wedding ceremony and since then has gone on numerous dive around Sipadan.

The sucba diving site at Sipadan island
The sucba diving site at Sipadan island
Sipadan dive in December 2011
Imagine if you were a fish and saw a gaggle of divers heading your way
Local divers at Sipadan Island
Experienced and new scuba divers at Sipadan
Underwater photography at Sipadan
It almost looks as though they are getting ready to run
Underwater photo of a turtle in Sipadan Island
A beautiful sight of a turtle swimming underwater

Scuba Diving In Sipadan With Your Own Photograph

This is one item you should not forget – an underwater camera case for your digital camera.

Underwater camera gear for Sipadan Island
One piece of gear you should not leave home without
Sipadan Diver from Sabah
Well, I did say she was our model

Photo credits: Ms Lok Yun Fung

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