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Wednesday August 15th 2012

Sabah Among World Best Paragliding Spots

Participants Say Sabah Rates Among The World’s Best Paragliding Spots

At the recently concluded Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC) event in Lohan Hill, Ranau, PGAWC chief judge Andika Mountnear said the venue was a success.

Lohan Hill in Ranau, Sabah was the alternative site for the first venue in the runup to the superfinals in Austria later this year. The event was initially planned for Puncak, Indonesia but had to be cancelled due to unfavorable wind conditions. Luckily, Lohan Hill with its mountainous terrain, plentiful take-off and landing sites, and most importantly, good year round winds.

Paragliding in Lohan Hill, Sabah
Take-off site at Lohan Hill - Photo credit: http://kakiterbang.blogspot.com
The event was sanctioned by Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF), the local governing body for the sport of paragliding.

Paragliding At Lohan Hill

I suppose paragliding enthusiasts in Sabah are too busy having fun to write or post videos of their activities online. Even the recently concluded international event had limited press coverage and even less online coverage in Sabah.

For those who want to see what the sports of paragliding is all about, take a look at this video. All extreme sports should come with this warning: Warning! Highly addictive!

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