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Saturday February 18th 2012

Project 11-11-11 Sabah

Project 11.11.11. – Once Every 100 Years

11.11.11 comes along once every hundred years, and when it does many people choose to do something special for the day.

Our model and contributor chose to get married on 11.11.11, Weddings In Sabah 11-11-11, as did hundreds of couples in Sabah.

There were also plenty of fun, exciting and memorable events that celebrated 11th November 2011.

Project 11.11.11 Pulau Sapi

A group of chose to go scuba diving in Pulau Sapi on that day. Some were first timers going on their dives. Pulau Sapi is a good location, an island just off Kota Kinabalu, popular but not over crowded, and of course, pristine water.

A good day of fun and adventure with friends in a sun-drenched tropical island paradise. This is the stuff that life is made of.

Project 11.11.11 Tip Of Borneo

Another group of friends chose to celebrate 11.11.11 at the Tip Of Borneo, Kudat. Windsurfing, abseiling, scuba diving, paragliding and more. Plenty of people from came, not just from Sabah. One of the organizer is Laili Basir Event Adventure and you can find him on his facebook page.

111111 Tip Of Borneo
Photo credit: Laili Basir Event Adventure
Tip of Borneo 111111
Photo Credit: Laili Basir Event Adventure

Gearing up for Project 12.12.12

Laili Basir Event Adventure is gearing up for their next big adventure on 12.12.12. You can check out his Facebook Page. If you want to get involved in an adventure for 12.12.12, you can check out this out.

Project 121212
Photo Credit: laili Basir

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