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Wednesday January 4th 2012

Proboscis Monkey In Klias Wetlands

A visit to the Klias Wetlands, near the town of Beaufort, about 100 kilometers south of Kota Kinabalu, is the perfect choice for a day out in Sabah. Just one and a half hour’s drive away from Kota Kinabalu city, it is exciting enough to leave you with a memorable Sabah adventure.

The mangrove and peat swamp forests of Klias Wetlands is home to a diverse range of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. This forest reserve is also important to the ecology and wildlife of Sabah’s coastal areas.

Board a boat and cruise down the Klias river in search of the elusive proboscis monkey. With only about 3,000 of them left in population in Malaysian Borneo, they are now categorized as an endangered species. Endemic to Borneo, these gentle, tree-dwelling creatures are an attraction primarily due to their unique features. Bizarre as they seem, the pendulous nose and protruding belly of the proboscis monkey serve as a vital function to the mammal’s existence.

Next to orangutans, the proboscis monkeys are probably the most popular attraction in Borneo. But unlike the orangutans which have been bred successfully in captivity, the proboscis monkeys have fared poorly in similar conservation efforts. This is partly due to the fact that proboscis monkeys have very specific dietary needs.

Thus, places like Klias Wetlands are important to their existence as they remain among the last few sanctuaries where these gentle primates freely dwell and where they can be observed by the public in their natural habitat.

Also watch out for long-tailed macaques, silver-leaf monkeys, otters and crocodiles that are known to lurk in the mangrove waters. Visitors will be delighted to spot some winged species here including the kingfisher, eagle, hornbill, gray heron, and white heron.

Next, enjoy the spectacular view of sunset with a river-side dinner. As night falls, the forest, too, comes alive with the sounds of insects and the various calls of the wild.

Finally, after sunset, board the boat again for an evening cruise where you will be amazed with the spectacular sight of thousands of fireflies lighting up the riverbanks. Like fairy lights on Christmas trees, these unique insects flicker in unison amid the mangrove trees, transforming the night scene into a magical wonderland.

Article source: Advertising & Publicity Division, Tourism Malaysia,
website: www.tourism.gov.my/

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