Fishing In Sabah Waters

Ask any angler, there is something magical about landing a big fish. Mention fishing and watch their eyes light up, their hand motions become expansive. It is always difficult for those who do not fish to understand, including their wives. Going out to sea isn’t exactly a joy-ride, and you don’t always travel in style. You have to keep an eye out for the weather, often taking shelter around an island if the sea gets too rough. It’s hot, and the sunlight reflecting on the sea is blinding. So why do these men (some call them mad) fly thousands of mile for the chance to fish in Sabah waters?

These are the reasons why:

These videos and photos were taken on board the 7 Star, a privately own angler boat for charter. This was a chartered fishing trip out to Mantanani Island, off the coast of Sabah. This group of anglers came from Singapore for a short fishing adventure.

Catch of the day

Sabah Angler

Gee, I guess the smile says it all.
Cost of Air Ticket from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – 200 Dollars
Cost of boat charter per person – 300 Dollars
Value of fishes caught – 1,000 Dollars
The Experience – Priceless

A memorable fishing excursion

A memorable fishing excursion

The Fishes Are Biting
These were some of the fishes caught on that trip. Groupers, perch, travelly, mackerals, amberjacks, snappers, jobfish, red bass, barracudas, billfish, sweetlip, seabreams, emperor, tuna, triggerfish and chinaman fish.

Just a part of the catch

Just a part of the catch

If you are interested in heading out to sea on a fishing trip, you can email them: sevenstar_913 [at] A conversation with the owner tells me that they are pretty well booked, but you can always try.

You can check out some of the resorts and hotels available in Sabah here.

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