Ferries To Spain From UK

On the subject of a overseas holiday, we got to talking about going to Spain from England. Someone mentioned instead of a flight to Spain, an alternate way to travel to Spain would be by Ferry to Spain.

The ferries to Spain is nothing like the ferries to Labuan, back home in Sabah. These ferries are more like cruise ships, and you have to option of budget accommodations or to cruise in style with your own suite.

If you are planning a holiday to the UK, you might want to include a mini-cruise to Spain. Travel to Spain by cruise will add 2 days to your vacation, and you can spend a day or two in Santander, Spain. It will only cost about £100 per person depending on your package.

Brittany Ferries to Spain

Photo source: www.ferriestospain.org.uk

The Beautiful City Of Santander
The city of Santander has a long history dating back to the Roman era. It is a popular destination for tourists, due to its cultural heritage and modern cosmopolitan style. I am told there are many historic buildings and a castle or two, which is really what I am interested in.

A trip to Santander will also give you the opportunity to indulge in the local cuisine and the flavor of Spanish cooking. Sampling international cuisine fits into our national pastime of eating and shopping. Much as I love Malaysian food, I do miss miss a lot of the food from Europe. Back in the days, I remember I was pleasantly surprised to find my Spanish amigo eating sunflower seeds. It turns that it was a popular snack in Spain, just as it is in Sabah. Incidentally, my friend’s name is Alonso, not to be confused with the F1 champion Fernando Alonso.

Travel To Spain
Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines does not operate direct flights to Spain, nor does Royal Brunei Airlines and Singapore Airlines. That is why travel by ferry to Spain is a good alternative and adds another dimension to your travel experience. You also get to stamp one more country into your passport.

Book ferry to Spain on-line by visiting www.ferriestospain.org.uk.

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