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Wednesday March 28th 2012

Diving In Sipadan-Kapalai Is Spectacular

Why Diving In Sipadan-Kapalai Is Spectacular

It is no wonder why scuba diving in Sipadan-Kapalai is so spectacular. This video shows you the amazing underwater world that is Kapalai.

Kapalai island is short boat ride from Sipadan and Mabul islands, in Sabah. The islands are a speedboat ride from Semporna. Lapalai island is a mile long sandbank of powdery white sand.

Dive spots in Kapalai are close by and it only takes a few minutes by speedboat to get to your dive location. There are some 28 scuba diving spots around Kapalai island, or you can venture out to Sipadan.

Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort

Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort can be found on Kapalai island. While the majority of visitors are there for scuba diving, there are other water activities such as snorkeling and ocean kayaking.

Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort is accessible through Semporna and advance booking is required.

Diving In Sipadan-Kapalai Is Spectacular

Holiday And Diving In Sipadan-Kapalai

With a combination of a beautiful island paradise, sun, sea and spectacular underwater world, a holiday in Sipadan-Kapalai is going to be one of the most memorable.

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